Our Story

From pilots to owners of a restaurant !, this is how our story begins, two Venezuelan brothers who changed pilots to start our own business ...

Entrepreneurship in Spain has become the dream of many Venezuelans who come to this country in search of a better future. Every day there are more immigrants who decide to invest in franchises or even start their own business from scratch. Such is the case of Tepizzare, a Venezuelan restaurant in Madrid whose owners are Kerid and Kevin de Andrade, two youngsters of 23 and 24 years respectively who, like many, left the country two and a half years ago in search of new horizons. In Venezuela, both studied to be commercial pilots. But, due to the country's situation, "paying for studies became impossible", so Kerid decided to change his career and start studying tourism so that his brother could culminate. However, although their lives were already professionally on track, they felt that Venezuela did not offer them a "promising future." So they decided to emigrate.

A latent dream. Since they arrived, they wanted to undertake something, but they didn't know what. They started working in hospitality. So, without knowing it, that not only served to save, but also to understand how this business is managed in all its areas. After doing a market study, they are inclined, in principle, for pizzas. Hence his name, Tepizzare, a fusion between his main course and his mother's middle name: Teresa.

The route they have had has not been easy. At first they did not have a good capital, their place was surrounded by Italian restaurants and well, little by little it was that they realized that the client is the one who speaks and there were many Venezuelans who when they saw the flag asked about Venezuelan food. This is how they decided to try and implement Venezuelan food in the menu.

They tried first with empanadas, cachapas and arepas. On that occasion they felt that they were not going to endure much and that is why they decided to change the card. Go implementing, go testing with other things and it worked.

A menu like home. Tepizzare's letter has been gradually expanding. From starters such as tostones, mini empanadas and tequeños to main dishes such as the traditional pavilion and the famous cachapas, are some of the delights you can enjoy. Cachapas are a fundamental part of their growth as they are characterized by them. The mixture becomes totally natural. They did not want to sell Venezuelan food for sale, but rather it was as it is known in Venezuela and they have had excellent receptivity in Spain.

Owners and employees of their own business. Kevin in the kitchen and kerid in the bar, this is how Tepizzare works. Between right and wrong they are now positioned as one of the best restaurants of Venezuelan food in Spain. In fact they consider that their progress has been for never lowering the quality and thanks also to all the people who have trusted them, their goals are great, they have never wanted to advance anything but if they trust them, that the brand every day it will grow more. ”

His parents are his main reference of hard work. They know that they are always present, even if they are at a distance. This venture is completely dedicated to them because part of entrepreneurship is to give them a better quality of life.

Tepizzare is located on Orense 10 St. and Ventura de la Vega 15 St. in Madrid and opened from Monday to Sunday. Do not hesitate visiting us!